Passport and Official ID photo shooting

Passport & Visa photos for £125

This is a quick, convenient, and professional solution for passport, visa, and ID photo requirements.

Our Official Passport Photo service includes

  • guarantee to adhere strictly to the specifications required by government and official agencies.
  • all digital files made during the shooting
  • retouching of the chosen photo, within the allowed guidelines
  • printing by our specialized ID photo printing partner
  • posting by Royal Mail

The process is incredibly simple:

  1. Book your session
  2. Shooting
  3. Retouching & printing
  4. Delivering or collecting

All-Inclusive Photo service:



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Frequently Asked Questions


What should I wear for my ID photo?

It's best to wear solid colors or simple patterns. Avoid white, bright, or neon colors, and avoid clothes with logos or images.

Can I wear glasses in my ID photo?

It depends on the country, but usually, it's okay as long as the frames don't cover your eyes and there's no glare on the lenses.

Can I wear makeup in my ID photo?

Yes, you can wear makeup, but it's best to keep it natural-looking. Avoid heavy makeup or any makeup that alters your natural appearance.

Can you remove blemishes or wrinkles from my photo?

Yes, we can do minor retouching to remove blemishes or wrinkles. However, your photo needs to be an accurate representation of you, so we can't make significant alterations.

How long will the photo session take?

Typically, an ID photo session will take about 15-20 minutes. We'll make sure you're comfortable and looking your best before we take the photo.

How long will it take to get my photos?

We usually provide digital photos within 24 hours and printed photos within 2-3 business days.

Do you provide digital copies of the photos?

Yes, we provide both digital and printed copies of your photos.

Why do I need a professional photo for a Passport or an ID card?

The pictures on your passport, official ID card, Visa, and corporate badges represent you as much as your profile picture on LinkedIn. It's a part of your personal brand.

Looking for your best Passport or ID photo?

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