Hello, I'm Sam Mackenzie Armstrong.

In the intricate world of photography, every shot is more than just an image; it's a moment frozen in time, a tale told without words. Over the years, I've found joy in diving deep into these moments, exploring the narratives they unfold, and sharing them with the world.

I am always open to have a quick chat about thoughts and ideas, just give me a should and

About me and my approach

As with everyone in their profession, I have my own set of approaches, which are the following:

A Journey of Diversity and Depth

With over 15 years in photography, my experiences are vast and varied. I've collaborated with everyone from individual professionals to major international companies, branding agencies, real estate developers, artists, actors, and families. The spectrum of stories I've captured has not only enriched my portfolio but has made every shoot a unique encounter.

Every Person Has a Story

At the heart of my work is understanding people. Engaging with countless individuals daily has fine-tuned my ability to resonate with diverse personalities. It's not just about the perfect shot; it's about uncovering the essence that makes each individual unique.

Your Convenience Matters

Life moves at a fast pace, especially for professionals and entrepreneurs. Recognizing this, I prioritize flexibility in scheduling. If that crucial shoot needs to happen on a Saturday or late in the afternoon, I'm on board. This flexibility ensures that even amidst busy schedules, the essence of the shot isn't compromised.

Preparing for Perfection

For each assignment, I prioritize a preliminary conversation. This chat ensures I grasp what you're looking for, and you understand how we'll achieve it. It's a simple step, but it transforms a mere photograph into a piece of visual storytelling.

Streamlined Corporate Collaborations

I pride myself on offering seamless service models for corporate clients. For instance, when a new team member joins your firm and requires that official corporate headshot, all HR needs to do is drop me an email with the employee's details. I take over from there: aligning with your visual framework, coordinating with the employee, capturing the perfect shot, and delivering the refined images within three days. It's efficient and fuss-free.

Open to Collaborative Ventures

Collaboration is key in the world of visuals. Whether it's teaming up with branding agencies, in-house marketing teams, or outsourced partners, I seamlessly integrate to ensure the visual objective is met and exceeded.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

With a legacy of over 15 years and countless satisfied clients, I'm confident in the work I deliver. So much so, that if you aren't content with the initial photos, I’m committed to a reshoot. Your satisfaction isn't just hoped for; it's guaranteed.

Transparent Pricing and Licensing

No hidden costs or convoluted licensing terms here. My pricing is transparent, based on time, ensuring you're only paying for what you get. When it comes to corporate use, I simplify the process further by providing full image release rights to you.

I look forward to crafting your story, capturing moments that matter, and collaborating to create visuals that leave an indelible mark.

Do you need a photo?

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Phone: 020 3305 7505 (Sam)

Email: sam@sammackenziearmstrong.com

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