The Process

I. Book your shot

To find the best solution for you, we start by discussing your goals, expectations and ideas over the phone.

During this call we'll discuss general questions as well as details. For example, if you're shooting headshots or portraits, the type of setting and location, and whether you want to shoot indoors or outdoors (or both!).

II. The Photo Shoot.

During the shoot, we will go over the plan we have drawn up and review the images we have taken on screen as we go along, tailoring the shoot to your exact requirements by incorporating your input into the creative process.

The next day, we will upload the files and send you a link by email so that you can view your photos and choose the ones you want to retouch.

III. Retouching.

Retouching is the process of adding a few finishing touches to your favourite photos. Each session pack comes with a certain number of retouched images included for free, but you can add more if you wish.

It takes three working days to retouch your images, but we also offer 24-hour express retouching on request.

Once the retouching process is complete, we will upload and make the images available for download in large size.

If required, we can also print and post the images, the details of which can be discussed with you in advance by telephone or, in the case of a company, with the relevant decision-maker.