Can I include props in my shoot?

Absolutely! Props can add a personal touch to your photos. Whether it's a musical instrument, a favorite book, or any other item, feel free to bring it along.

How many outfit changes can I have during the session?

As many as we can manage in our session time! Our only limit is the session time. Usually, the 30-minute session is only enough for small changes, like putting on or taking off a blazer or jacket.

Where will the shoot take place?

We are absolutely flexible. We can conduct the shoot in our professional studio, outdoors, or at a location of your choice. We're flexible and aim to match the location with the desired theme or mood of your shoot.

Can I get guidance on poses and expressions?

Yes! Your photographer will guide you throughout the session, suggesting poses and expressions that will best capture your personality and the purpose of the shoot.

When will I receive my edited photos?

From the day you choose which images you want to use, we will deliver your retouched images within three business days.

What formats will the final photos be delivered in?

Final photos are typically delivered in high-resolution JPEG format, but other formats like TIFF or PNG can be provided upon request.

Is makeup and hairstyling included in the session?

While our primary focus is on photography, as an add-on, we can recommend our professional makeup artists and hairstylists, and coordinate the preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions